It's Here~! Version, Right on Time!

As promised, Version, today. A few changes, but not many, though I think they were needed.

- A few map changes.

- A few job changes.

- You can now purchase items from Pawner Julia that will allow you to repair your weapons and armor! I know, about time.

- A few new areas have been added within the Housing District. Namely the houses, and the Chapel. You should be able to go inside now.

- A major bug has been fixed. When you tried to select 'Skill' from the main menu, the game would freeze and produce an error. This has been fixed.

I have been working on getting a new way to upload the game in a far easier place, without it being in pieces. This update will hold the parts, but next update should be found on Mega. However, I didn't want to keep you guys waiting too long, so here it is!


Tower of Eros Win Ver 744 MB
Sep 01, 2017
Tower of Eros Mac Ver 745 MB
Sep 01, 2017

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