Update Version is here!

Small update for this one, but once again leading to the bigger things!

- You'll find new armor and equipment you can buy from vendors that will help you out in the new areas... should ya need it. Also, changes have been made to durability.
- Additionally, new dialog and choices have been added to the new NPCs.
- There have been some adjustments to jobs and enemies.
- Small map changes.

Update Version will be following up just as quickly. It should be adding in gifts and enabling the ability to increase your friendship with all NPCs that are available to do so. Including that, chances are I might be adding in an option to actually changing your job. Yep. Are you a Paladin, and wanna give Rouge a go? Maybe Succubus Knight? You might have your chance coming up.
Beyond that, I will be working on and, which will be adding more job changes, and more scenarios, scenes, and NPC interaction. Then next on the plan is, which will be adding new jobs! Yep. Finally. I know.
Do look forward to it.
- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios


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Aug 20, 2017
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Aug 20, 2017

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