Phew! Finally done! Due to previous circumstances, this version is readily available to everyone. Please enjoy!

A quick rundown of all that's available.

Floors 6-10 are now available.

New NPCs have been put in place, along with some adjusting to older ones.

1 New scene for both male and female characters can be found.

Journal has been changed to support new NPCs, and further updated.

Jobs have been adjusted to provide some more balance.

The error that made combat practically unplayable should be fixed.

The Housing/Civilian District is now open. 

That's a quick rundown. The Den of Darkness Ver. of the game will be available later in the day on Patreon, and provides the next floor.


ToEs - Win Ver 734 MB
Aug 16, 2017
ToEs - Mac Ver 739 MB
Aug 16, 2017

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