Update 8-5-17 - Version

Map changes:
Various maps and areas have seen some minor changes.

NPC changes:
NPCs now have additional dialog and options to them, letting you dive a tad deeper into their history and about them. This will continue to be expanded on.

Journal Changes:
Additional parts of the Journal System has been extended and worked upon. You can now increase various stats, and the Journal should now display them correctly.

Shop changes:
Minor changes have been made to the shops for consistancy. Additionally, new shops have been added.

Trade available:
Though small at the moment, a Trade function is now available at the potion shop. This will be expanded upon in later updates, ranging and growing to most, if not all, shops. However, it will allow you to trade items for other items, should you have too much of one specific item. 

Weapons/Armor now has duribility:
Armor and Weapons now have a duribilty to them. Nothing lasts forever, and this includes not only your sanity, but your equipment too. At the moment, the uses needed to actually break a specific weapon is rather high. However, in later updates, they will likely be lowered, depending on the item, once a type of repair function is in.

New currency:
A new currency, Gems, have been added. With the addition of another shop, these have been added to purchase things from said shop. This is an experimental idea, and going forward will be expanded upon. Gems can be earned by doing quests in the Guild.

Books for stats:
With the update to the Journal, and with the functional use of the various stats you now have, you can now purchase books to rise/lower various stats. The purchase of these books will require the new Gem currency.

Enemy changes:
Various enemies and attackers have seen changes to them. Some have been minor, however some now make weaker monsters seem far more adapt to their area. Tread carefully.


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Aug 05, 2017
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Aug 05, 2017
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Aug 05, 2017

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