Version Update

It's here~!

It's that time again for a new version update!

Simple this time, but will start bringing in some very fun changes. This update brings in the first bit of Transformative Items. These items will change your hair color, and give you Elf features. For those of you that have an older version of the game, before you start using these items, must remake a character. Luckily, you do NOT have to lose your progress, as if you walk over to the fountain in the middle of town, and you can do just that without losing your progress.

Anyways, hope you enjoy, and do look forward to more coming up soon!

-Alex G., Cloud9 Studios


Tower of Eros Mac Ver.rar 747 MB
Sep 15, 2017
Tower of Eros Win Ver.rar 745 MB
Sep 15, 2017

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Found a bug. Tried opening the skills menu after starting a brand new character and got "TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined". It's happening regardless of any of my choices.

Huh. This was a bug found in Version, which I thought had been resolved. If I may, a few questions;

Do you have an older version of the game? Or did you update the game from an older version? I have tested the most recent versions in various ways, such as testing the updated game, and trying previous version, and have not been able to replicate the bug.

I would also try down loading Version, and transferring your save folder from what version you have, to the most recent (the whole folder. Just overwriting the one in the current version should be fine). This might resolve the issue as well.

I'm downloading a fresh copy now. But for context, I updated to this version through the Client. But now that I've uninstalled it, it's saying that you have no compatible downloads for it. Looking at your page you have like 6... so, what the hell Itch? First it's installed, second you update it, and now there's no downloads? Ugh. Whatever's going on, I'm thinking it was due to the Itch Client not updating a file that needed to be updated. Will provide more info once my download is done and I've got it installed. So, about an hour or 2.

It's possible. I do not suggest using the Client when trying to download the game. Though it's a bit more work, doing it manually by the website will usually produce better results. However, this is just my opinion. Others may find their experiences differ.

None the less, hopefully the issue will be resolved. I will do whatever is needed on my end to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. The only reason I keep some of the older copies of the game on the game page is because some might want to look at previous versions to check out differences, or to perhaps test and poke at it. However, as I mentioned, this problem came up in, and was quickly resolved. If it's popping up again, I have to beta test the game through the wazoo again. 

The issue is gone. Yeah, the Itch Client messed it up, so worry no more - it does work. :)

Phew! OK, cool. Glad to hear it. If anything else does come up, do let me know, and I'll work to help resolve the issue, be it from the Itch client or my side. That said, I hope you're enjoying the game, and having fun, and will continue to enjoy what's to come!

Hey i just recently bought The Tower of Eros, but my mac says it is unable to open the application. Could you help me out?