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Tower of Eros

Spritual Predecessor to Violated Heroine! (Updated 11-19-17) · By Cloud9Studios


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New Dungeon with small updates and changes.
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Spritual Predecessor to Violated Heroine! (Updated 11-19-17)
Version Update
It's here~! It's that time again for a new version update! Simple this time, but will start bringing in some very fun changes. This update brings in the first b...
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New jobs have been added. These jobs must be opened up to be played. They can be opened by leveling up previous jobs. The jobs that have been added is; Dark Kni...
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It's Here~! Version, Right on Time!
As promised, Version, today. A few changes, but not many, though I think they were needed. - A few map changes. - A few job changes. - You can now purch...
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Version is here!
Finally, I know. This update sweeps in some job changes, some map changes, some enemy changes. You can also now give gifts to NPCs, and they have some new dialo...
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Update Version is here!
Small update for this one, but once again leading to the bigger things! - You'll find new armor and equipment you can buy from vendors that will help you out in...
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Quick Update has been added to fix a minor bug dealing with the 6th floor. It should now be fixed.
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