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Warning; This game is NFSW, and should be played by those 18+, and for those not afraid of sexual content. You have been warned.

Now, that said; Hey there!

Thanks for the interest in Tower of Eros. This has been quite the project to get going and complete, but I do hope all the current work that has been put in was worth it for you guys! A bit about the game; This is a bit of a spiritual predecessor to a game called Violated Heroine. Basically, it was about a girl that went on her own adventure, and got caught up in all sorts of lewd and risky situations.

Following this idea, I decided to follow this lead, and create something that was also made in the RPG Maker engine, and create something that was fun, lewd, and enjoyable. You will find some of the 'bare bones' ideas in this game, as I wasn't able to input everything I wanted for Lewd Jam 2016. However, despite the outcome of the GameJam, I will be continuing to update and watch over this project.

Currently, the game holds 1/5th of the first part of the tower. You can scale it all, but most scenes and events in floors 2-5 are not present. Additionally, you will find some lore and hints towards future add-ons in the game, so be sure to look out for those. Additionally, the game has a lewd/horny system. As your character walks around and does things, they will get more aroused. How this may effect things, I leave that for you to explore. There are currently 3-4 scenes for each gender, so each side of that coin can enjoy the game on that point. Additionally, while you can customize your character at the start (and in the future, during gameplay), while you do level, you will one gain skills while Lving. Any increase in stats can be done via the Instructor in the Guild. This allows you to grow your character any way you so like.

Current works:

- Expanding Character Creation

- New Jobs

- Fixing and expanding on Floors 1-5

- Quests

- Expanding on new systems

Do look forward to it!

How to install:

Download the Zip file

Unzip to whatever location you choose.

In the game fine, click on the "game" exe file, and the game will start.

Any issues, bugs, crashes, suggestion or problems, feel free to send me a message.


Arrow Keys - Movement

Z - Confirm

X - Open Menu/Cancel

More information

Published29 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
GenreRole Playing
Tagserotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, hentai, JRPG, male-protagonist, Monsters, nsfw, RPGMaker, sex
Average durationA few seconds
Player countSingleplayer


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Tower of Eros - Mac Ver - (10-13-16) Updated 143 MB